Travel is the essential experience that everybody should have

May 8, 2020

Full disclosure: I completely realize that I’m writing this in the times of COVID. We’re currently 8 months into the pandemic. Maybe travelling right now isn’t the best idea. But then again, if you’re unemployed and getting paid anyway then maybe it’s a really great time. The ethics of that decision is yours to make. Nonetheless, the necessity of travelling to build your exposure and character is one of my core beliefs.

Why you need to travel!

Travelling is exhausting. It’s often expensive (but doesn’t have to be). But it’s incredible.

  • It’s so good to get out of your habits and routines. See something totally different and you’ll come back with a fresh perspective on your life
  • Shared experiences. The moments you have while travelling create an inexplicable bond between you and your travel partners
  • Creates a wider world view. When you travel, you see the diversity of humankind. You see that love and fear and happiness are the same no matter what you have or where you live. It puts possessions into perspective.
  • The Food! Every place in the world has different and amazing food that tells the story of the history of the place in such a tactile way
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Forcing yourself to experience a new culture, a new language and the barriers that come with those build your confidence and character like nothing else
  • Travel is the ultimate reset button. When you return home, I promise you- you’ll be a different person.

There you have it. You’re here because you’re thinking about travelling. Do it!
If you can’t do it now, plan it. Make a complex itinerary. Make a packing list. Buy a 50L Backpacking Pack and hang it in your closet. You’ll never regret expanding your wings and seeing the world.

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