I know that you want to create something that has Impact. I know you’ve mapped it out in your mind a thousand times. But you’re scared of what the internet will say, you’re terrified of putting yourself out there and you don’t know how to START. This episode is designed to get you out of that dangerous sinkhole and into your own power. Start today.


What’s up, everybody, welcome to the ritual girl podcast. My name is Jessica. And I am so

honored that you’re here with me today,

in the last five years have built a million dollar company from the ground

up from nothing.

I went from waiting tables and living in a crappy

studio apartment in Chicago,

to owning a company with seven figures of income,

living on the water in Hawaii, and having the freedom to do exactly what I want with my time, all because of a shift in a mindset, strategy and rituals.

So my mission here is to share

with you

everything I’ve learned along the way, so that you can level up and live the life that you have imagined to.

So let’s dive in.

Guys, you’re back. Thank you for coming back. This is my third podcast. And to be quite honest, last week, or two weeks ago, I guess I launched out my first two episodes out into the world and figured it all out. It’s a complicated scenario out there

to put up a podcast, let me tell you,

but then I

watched them and I had like, immediate feeling like, Oh, my God, what did I just do.

But nobody’s listened to them


Not something I should really admit on a podcast. But it’s true at this point, although I haven’t checked in today, so maybe somebody else. But I wanted to use this episode to talk about consuming less and creating more. That’s kind of been my mantra lately, I’ve spent a long time having all these ideas, and just being like, too paralyzed to actually do anything, you know. So I decided to just fuck it, just do it, and put it out there. And maybe nobody will see it. Maybe nobody will listen to my podcast ever. But at least I tried. You know. And maybe I’m gonna have angry people knocking on my door saying they don’t like what I say. And maybe nobody will see it. But maybe just maybe it’ll catch fire. And maybe it’ll make an impact. And so that’s where it’s worth it. upside is so much bigger than the downside. And the paralysis that I’m feeling is really just ego. It’s just really just what is everybody gonna think of me. And while you’re out there wondering what everybody else thinks to view. Nobody is thinking about you.

It’s like when you walk into the gym,

and you go into the, the weightlifting section, and you’re a girl and you don’t know what you’re doing. And there’s a bunch of guys around, you think they’re watching you. But then look around, they’re not, they don’t even see you. They’re not focused on you. They’re focused on themselves. That’s the whole world, people focus on what they care about most. And yes, we’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced the main kid on the internet, which just says stupid shit,

to try and feed his ego,

or her ego, and they tell you that you’re doing something wrong, or that you’re not good enough. And really, if you put yourself out there,

that’s the worst that can happen, they can tell you that you’re not good enough.

And you can decide, you don’t

care about the opinions of strangers, okay?

Or somebody can call you out on something.

And this is where I feel like when we get called out on something that we know is not quite aligned with our values if we post something that we that we think will get us likes, but it’s not quite what we stand for. And somebody calls you out on that that hurts. And I think if you look at that, and you look at the hurt that you feel, you can Yes, you can decide that you don’t care about the opinions of strangers, or you can take a little self awareness and realize, yeah, maybe that wasn’t the right direction for me. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it the way that I did. Or maybe I shouldn’t have focused on the subject that I was focusing on. But that’s great. That’s great. If you if you put yourself out there and you put something that you come to realize is not the direction that you want to go. That’s great, because now you know the direction you do want to go. I’ve heard it said that someone who’s achieved more than you have more than you have, will never judge you for wanting more for yourself. The people who are bringing you down on the internet, those are people who wish they could be where you are, who wish they had the bravery to put themselves out there. We’re dealing with insecurities and issues of their own, that have nothing to do with you. So quit letting your fear get in the way of producing things. Used to be where if you wanted to create something that might look like you writing a play, and then finding actors and training the actors and finding a stage and selling tickets, and producing the play, and takes you that much more effort to create something. Now, you can create something with a click of a button, you can turn on your phone, turn on the voice memo option, talk to a little computer box, and put it up onto the internet. And you can have an impact. And whatever it is that you love to talk about. Whatever it is, that’s your passion. It’s not that hard. Everything can be figured out. And so I guess this is turning into a how to make your own podcast episode. There’s such a thing called YouTube, you heard of it? There’s the thing called Google, I literally spent a day recorded two podcasts, the same day, edited to podcasts. And I use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is not that cheap. So if you don’t want to use that, I’m sure there are many free options on the internet. Seriously.

Wake up.

Wake up. We live in the time of extensive knowledge of anything is possible. There are people in Saudi Arabia who are able to do the exact same thing as you are able to do. The internet is about to eat you for lunch, if you don’t keep up. And yet, we sit around watching Netflix scrolling through Instagram thinking, why couldn’t we do that? And your excuses. I don’t know how I’m too scared of what people are gonna think. Who cares? Who cares what people think? Who cares what the strangers on the internet think there are more good people in the world than there are bad people, there’s more impact to be had than than the amount of people who are going to tell you that you did it badly. And listen, I know this audio is not perfect either. But I’m going to improve. I try something different this time. And I’m going to try something different next time. And I’m going to invest in equipment if I need to. But look, right now, I’m just in my room with my cell phone. How crazy is that? And maybe if this goes the way that I am envisioning that I am manifesting it to go one day, this exact podcast that I started on a whim, just believing in myself will have hundreds of thousands of listens. And that’s crazy. Because what I’m doing anybody can do, literally almost anybody, there are people living in Uganda who can do what I’m doing right now. So what’s your excuse? Maybe you think you don’t have enough of an audience. Maybe you think that nobody’s gonna listen, who cares? If one person listens, and you have an impact on that one person? Isn’t that worth it? If the only thing that happens as you get better at talking, you get better at public speaking behind the curtain first, before you actually have to go out and public speak. If you get better at just getting yourself to do things. Isn’t that worth it? I have committed not just decided but committed that I’m going to record a podcast every week, once a week by Friday has to be finished period and stuff. I am so bad at consistency. But this is the one thing that I feel like if I continue to do it will grow and it will gain momentum and it’ll snowball. And even if it doesn’t, at least I’m teaching myself consistency, at least that stop letting your fear stop you. Don’t focus on growing an audience to the millions before you do anything. Focus on taking care of the few people that you have now, so that when you get more people, you know how to better take care of them, provide value, provide content that is real work on getting rid of your boundaries, and allow yourself to show up more authentically and raw, before you have 100,000 followers before you’re in front of a bunch of people work out the kinks now. Figure yourself out now. So that when you grow, you’ll have better answers, you’ll know yourself better, you’ll be stronger, you’ll be able to deal with criticism better, and all that to say you’ll also never grow without providing the content and the value that you need to in the first place. Now I’m gonna be honest with you. For some reason, recording, this is very hard for me. I’m out of breath. And I have to like, catch my breath all the time I can talk to is fine normally, but for some reason recording a podcast is I know, stressful. And I’m alone, and I don’t know if anybody’s ever gonna listen to it. So why is it stressful? Because it’s fear. It’s anxiety, it’s not knowing what’s going to happen. But guess what, that’s the whole world. That’s the world we live in. And if you hide, and if you lay down in bed and go to sleep and pretend the world doesn’t exist, then you’re never gonna get anywhere. Stop being complacent with your life. decide the direction, decide the direction of where you want to go. Make a roadmap to get there step by step. And it doesn’t have to be an angle. It shouldn’t be an angle. It should be. I want to have a podcast that has 50,000 views, or listens or whatever you want to call them. Then you break it down. How do I get there? Well, first, I gotta figure out how to put a cop podcast on the internet in the first place. And they got to do cover art. And I got to learn how to edit audio, which is not that hard, FYI. And then I got to figure out how to put it on to the platforms. And I need to decide which platforms I want, FYI, iTunes, and Spotify, or then the top two. So I’m just focusing on that for now. And then after that, you need to actually record it. And then you got to press the button to put it out there. And guess what, then you rinse and repeat, and rinse and repeat many times, many, many times, and then you apologize to your audience for having not great audio, and you promise that it’s

gonna get better, and you appreciate them. Because

I appreciate you. I do.

I really do.

It doesn’t have to be a podcast, it could be a blog, it could be a YouTube channel, it could be blog, it could just be you posting on

Instagram, three times

a day, every single day to grow. But if you want to be in the space,

of marketing, anything on the internet, you need to be present. And you

need to be present constantly.

Because if you stop filling up your own space, somebody else is going to take it just show up consistently. Be clear to yourself, what your direction is, what meaningful difference you want to make in other people’s lives, through your content, or through your business or through wherever you’re trying to go with this through your art.

Know what meaningful difference you want to make,

and show up. Just show up consistently, make a decision to not only make a decision, but commit to doing whatever the thing is, every day and do it don’t worry about failure. Because if you do anything that’s worth doing, you will fail. Absolutely. Everybody who’s ever gotten anywhere has failed massively many times. And that’s art. Art is being able to

learn from it.

Appreciate it, honestly, motivation, pick yourself back up and go at it again. Because the next time you fail, you’re gonna be so much farther ahead than you would have been if you just gave up. Don’t give up. Just keep going. That’s it for me today. This is my mic drop.

I’m gonna

publish this and put it out in the world and come back

again next week.

with whatever else it is that I’ve

come up with to talk to

you guys about because I’m here. I’m doing this legit. I’m being consistent. I’m going to show up, and I’m going to keep digging for things to share that will drastically improve your life.

[End Podcast]

Photo by Josh Spires on Unsplash

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