Why a Podcast?

May 13, 2020

I created this podcast as an outlet for me to think through my thoughts out loud. I’ve known for a while now that there’s something different coming for me. Something bigger, where I’ll be required to be louder and more comfortable with my own voice. Hence, literally learning to talk to an audience seemed like the perfect solution. And honestly, I love it. 

My hubby and I met when we were both broke and working dead end jobs. Shortly after our oldest daughter was born, we decided that we needed to DO something about our future. He was always an entrepreneur at heart. I suppose you could call me an inherited entrepreneur.

We raised $15k on kickstarter in a month. We were the first and still (8 years later) one of the only food related business to ever get successfully funded. It took a lot of hustle, putting ourselves out there. Rallying people who didn’t even know we existed.

That money bought us a little stepvan that we converted into a food truck in the nights and weekends after our day job. We reinvested every penny we made for years and the rest is history. Getting somewhere in life really is just a matter of persevering through the curve until you reach the exponential compounding of your investment.

Imagine if you gave up halfway through. You would miss out on the reward that you spent so much time building up to.

Why Ritual Girl?

Well, honestly it’s because I always have a terrible time sticking to anything for any extended period of time. My husband is the guy who had the perseverance to get us where we are. It’s the single biggest lesson I learned in the last decade of my life: stick with it, pivot as needed and whatever you’re working towards will flourish.

Ritual is what brings success. Whether it’s a matter of making your bed everyday (which I’m admittedly also terrible at) or making perseverance and grit into a habit that permeates your entire philosophy on life, Ritual is that first stepping stone.

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