Unscripted New Moon talk about energy and manifesting. I reveal the biggest things I’ve manifested into my life and why I believe so strongly that the Universe really does rearrange itself for those who are willing to ask for what they want.

I open up about my recent health struggles and talk to you about how life is so short. Get ready for a deep dive into a reflection about your goals.


What’s up, everybody, welcome to the ritual girl podcast. My name is Jessica j hat. And I am so honored that you’re here with me today. In the last five years, I’ve built a million dollar company from the ground up from nothing. I went from waiting tables and living in a crappy studio apartment in Chicago, to owning a company with seven figures of income, living on the water in Hawaii, and having the freedom to do exactly what I want with my time, all because of a shift in mindset, strategy and rituals. So my mission here is to share

with you everything I’ve learned along the way,

so that you can level up and live the life that you have imagined to.

So let’s dive in.

Well, hello there, welcome back.

Or if it’s your first time, thanks for showing up today might be a little bit less business focus than I usually do. But today is

the New Moon in

Sagittarius. If you’re an astrologer, like I somehow plan to be one day. I love all the stars and metaphysical, I almost brought my crystal with me to record this podcast, which

I realized is a little over the top.

But I’m here today to talk to you about goal setting and knowing where you’re going. And if it’s not too woowoo for you manifesting manifestation. To set the stage, I am currently sitting on a very cool like yarn made outdoor chair at the edge of the water in my backyard, in Hawaii, on an acre.

And it wasn’t always this way.

This isn’t some home we’ve been handed down. This is the place that we

worked so hard to be at.

If you’ve listened my first podcast, you know that I grew up in Canada and I spent the last 10 years in Chicago, building businesses and raising babies and and there was a time where we just decided that enough was enough that we needed to go somewhere warmer, go somewhere where there was more more where there was an active outdoor lifestyle where there is an energy that was more our style,

where there was

a culture that prioritized experience over things. And it took us a while but we found a way. And we decided that we’re not going to move to live in a shack in the middle of the city. And feel like we’ve downgraded. And so when we were here visiting,

we we checked out the

like the only listing

that was on the water at the time. And it was more money than we could afford at the time. But when we got here, I cried. I just sounds stupid. But I knew it was the place that I wanted to raise my kids. But we couldn’t do it at the time, we didn’t have the money, we didn’t have the ability to leave our business behind. And so it became a bit of a pipe dream. But we were we were dedicated to it can happen.

And so

we kept in contact with the landlord. And eventually it was rented. We would text message him every holiday and say, Hey, Mr. Ken, Happy New Year’s, any chance to house is available? Even way before we could do it. There’s a time where we decided okay, well, now’s the time to move. And the house was not available. And we couldn’t find anything else. That was where we wanted to be. You know, we didn’t want to leave our business behind and leave our family behind and move into somewhere where we felt where we felt like it wouldn’t be right. And so we actually applied for we filled in a tenant application for a house in the North Shore of Oahu. And the real estate guy told us that we didn’t make enough money and honestly, we made more than enough money. He actually said that you have to have $500,000 in savings in order to live in this house. It was it was it was a top. But anyway, that was a blessing in disguise because we went home from trying to sign that lease. We’re back to Chicago and we’re kind of like twiddling our thumbs and thinking well We want to move, we’re ready to move, let’s move. But we’d literally literally checked Craigslist every day, for a year and a half, trying to find a property that would be up to our standards and and that would be within our price range. And that had access to the water because honestly, that was a big part of why we moved because we love the ocean, and we wanted it to be a playground. And we wanted land so that our kids could run around because we’d lived in apartments before, and they’d never had the ability to run around. And that was really hard to find. Honestly, in Hawaii, it’s not doesn’t come around every day. One day, often, my husband would tell me would joke with me like, can you text me we have the house and be like, okay, right, thanks. Thanks for for rubbing salt in the wound, because we had really, really been manifesting it I would write down in my journal every day, the address, in my name, like it was an envelope.


it was really devastating to me, because I was like, if there’s anything I can manifest, this is gonna be it. And it didn’t happen, and it didn’t happen. And then one day, my husband says, Oh, my God, you’re not gonna believe this. I was like, What? What is it? It was, it was at the end of a really bad week, hard week of business fires and just like, Oh, my God, what else is it? You know? He was like, can you since the house is available? I was like, Okay, great. Yeah, sure. Thanks. He’s like, No, seriously. And he showed me and, and we, we hopped on the plane and signed the lease. And here we are, we live here now. And it took a year and a half, for us to be able to step out of the business and have it run on its own and make enough money to afford to pay for the rent and, and get the house in the first place. You know. But that’s, that’s the thing. That’s what I want to talk about is that with persistence, all things are possible. And, and new moons are for manifesting. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today is manifesting, that’s not the only example I’ve got,


manifested a sailboat. Well, we had no sailing skills, when we didn’t have, we had very particular requirements we needed in order to actually make it happen. It had to be already in a dock in a location close to our house. And it had to be a certain color and a certain size and a certain price that was way lower than what you could normally buy a boat for.

And it

it became such a strong magnet for us. That the night before we got the color that my husband found the boat. I had been having dreams of rocking back and forth in a sailboat and a storm. And it was like it permeate through my day. And it was it was just like, so it was so continuously there in my in my brain. And I’m sure it was for him too. And it happened just crazy. Because I’ve never seen seen a sailboat of that price available in a dock that they’re willing to give to you already. Because in Chicago, the dock system, there’s a long waiting list and and do you can’t transfer dogs between names. And so what we did was technically not up to the rules of the the docking systems, but it had to be close to our house. And that was one of two marinas that we were willing to be in, which is just this was crazy.

But But yeah,

I strongly believe in the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. And even if you don’t, I think that just setting intentions, and making a list of things that you absolutely want in your life is imperative to actually getting somewhere. My favorite quote, and I have no idea who said this is if you don’t know where you’re going,

you’re not going to like where you end up.

You need a roadmap. You need to have an idea of the direction that you want to go with your life or it’s going to pull you to serve other people’s goals and other people’s needs. And you’re going to end up being just a pawn in a story that somebody else created. But if you know what you want and you go after it, you’re the one creating the story.


all this to say that the new Moon is a good time to check in. And even if you don’t believe in the moon, and the energy that surrounds it, then at least it’s just a monthly check in, you know, I’m sure you can hear all the dogs and crickets and the popping noises are the shrimps in the water. Ever since I moved to Hawaii, I’ve been even more connected with the moon. I was born during a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in a snow storm. And I just have some fundamentally strong connection to the lunar cycles. And ever since I moved to Hawaii, I’ve been so much more aware of it because well, one because this culture is more connected with the earth than anyone anywhere else I’ve ever been. I take my two year old to daycare and all the kids are not wearing shoes outside. They just don’t wear shoes. And, and at first, it was a little weird. And I love it. Now I think it’s just the greatest gift that we can give our kids to run around in the dirt. Our first day that we got in this house. My daughter, my older daughter is a she’s seven she she went outside into the yard for the very first time and she was wearing her shoes and my husband’s like now take off your shoes, take off your shoes. So she did very reluctantly. And then she walked like five steps and she got stung by a bee on her toe. Which is like the worst look. But anyway, suffice it to say that eventually she she learned to run around in the dirt in the muck in the grass. And at her birthday party. All the kids were running around and one of the girls was wearing a dress and she went home like totally covered in mud. And I’m pretty sure she got yelled at. But I think that it’s great for kids. I think it’s great for humans to play in the earth. I never noticed I never realized how strongly my feet wanted to be placed in the grass when I was weighing shoes walking around the city, you know.

But there’s definitely a birth connection.

I’m sorry, I just went on a tangent. Um, where was I going with all of that? Oh, that. In Hawaii, I’ve been so much more connected with the moon. And it’s because of the tides too. Right now, it’s new moon. And the tide is out farther than I’ve ever seen it before. It’s so far out. It’s the magnetism of the of the moon and the spin of the earth and the polarity of the water that interacts to create this crazy phenomenon. You know, it’s even more even more crazy when the water goes up all the way and splashes over the the power of the full moon. You know, it’s crazy. But I felt like it was appropriate to talk about goal setting on the new moon not just because of the metaphysical and the physics and the crazy witchcraft that goes on. It’s also the end of the year is a November, end of November right now, the holiday season is officially upon us. And we’re all going to go to the new year with a new blank slate. And I love that my husband hates New Year’s resolutions. But I I find a blank slate to be the most powerful thing in the world. It’s a chance to start over, you can make yourself a whole new person. It doesn’t have to be on the first of the year. Set that before. Honestly, like my favorite thing is a brand new journal. Like what a gift that you have all these unwritten pages ahead of you. And that’s how you can see the new year two, I guess is that it’s a chance to start again. And if you want to start again, if you want a new life. You have to figure out where you’re going. And I know it’s not easy. And I don’t think that it’s fair to put yourself in the position where you feel like you need to find exactly your purpose in life. That’s not how it needs to work. So I’m kind of in the process right now. And I’m going to get a little metaphysical again. But I’m in the process of my Saturn return which is where I’m not exactly sure of the details but it’s where your your house returns back to Saturn passes through the same house it was in when you were born happens every 29.5 years. And it’s basically where your life turns upside down. And they say that if if you spent your 20s working hard and going a direction, then the Saturn return will behind you. But if you’ve spent it fucking around, then it’s gonna screw you back over and teach you a lot of lessons in that time. But anyway, so I’m kind of, at a point where I’m still I had a direction, a very clear direction, when we were building businesses and having babies, and now that I’ve moved, I’m kind of in the process of transmuting, myself and figuring out what lights my heart on fire. And where because I know, I absolutely know in my heart that the next five years are going to be explosive for me, and in a good way. And I feel like, right now is my time to plan and create and figure out exactly the direction that I’m going. And so the process for me is looking like, what are the things that I absolutely love. And I, I was kind of in a weird mood today, when I listened to a podcast with Rachel Hollis and the founder of Charity Water, and it was about his journey going to Liberia, I believe was Liberia, excuse me if that’s incorrect on a on a, on a ship with medical aid team. And it just like, it put me in a state of bliss, absolute bliss, and I got out of the car to pick up my daughter partway through the interview. And I was walking towards her school and I was like, What is making me so blissful, so happy, so so much in the flow. And it hit me that that’s exactly what it is. And so that humanitarian aid and philanthropy and that’s just something that is so dear to my heart that I know, that’s a major direction that I’m going. But at this particular moment, that’s not where I am. Because I need to take care of myself first. I need to get my family in a good financial position first. And then that’s something else we can do. I also have little kids, I’m not going to go out and work with doctors little borders, though, trust me, I would love to, but my kids are so much more of a priority than that. And so maybe that’s something that happens when I’m 4550 with my kids around the house. Also, that’s a benefit if you’re thinking about having kids early.

Do it because they’re gonna be out of the house by 45.

But yeah, that’s so that’s part of my process. And I also, I also absolutely love essential oils. And so like, my brain is training about how to make some sort of a brand with essential oils and their healing properties. And I love yoga, but I’m not sure where that sits in everything, because I’m certified to teach, but I’m not sure that that’s where I want to put my time and my effort. Maybe I I don’t know, I don’t know where that’s gonna lead me. You know, it’s, it’s hard to differentiate between the things that you need to make your career out of, because you love them so much. And things that you need to hold close to yourself and make them a hobby or like a secret weapon, but not make into your career. Maybe because they’re not going to make you enough money, maybe because making them into a business would dull your love for that thing. You know. So right now, the main direction that I’m going is, I come from a long line of teachers, I know business. And I, I feel like it’s not that hard. Okay, I take that back, it’s extremely hard. But there’s a process in which you can go from having nothing like I did. And move forward and move forward and move forward and get yourself out of the rat race and into the next level of working in your own business. And then into the next level of working on your own business, and then the next level of working outside of your business entirely, and having it work for you. And then the next level is having your money work for you. And investments and stocks and whatever portfolio you know, it’s crazy. It’s crazy that I’ve gotten to where I am and

and it it

it breaks my heart that there are people out there who know that they’re made for something bigger than what they’re doing, but are too scared or don’t have the right directions or are too fucking overwhelmed by everything that’s out there. Because I understand that, and I know how to get through it in business. And so I feel like I can teach that and I that that is a meaningful impact that I can make. And so that’s the direction I’ve chosen to go and that’s why I’m here. Talking to you. And I’m still figuring out content. And I’m still figuring out how, how to make this machine run, because I want to get this information out there. And I want to teach you how to make money and how to build a business and how to take care of your family and break the generational chain of poverty. Because my core audience that I hope to build are people who grew up poor like I did, and who want nothing more than to not have their kids open the fridge and see, you know, food. You know, that’s what I want. And that’s where I hope to go. I did have another thought that I wanted to tell you. And I forgot what it was, Oh, my goodness. Oh, yes. So as much as I was talking about how there’s so much information out there and how it can be extremely overwhelming. You can search how to open a business, and you’re gonna get a bunch of

clickbait crap out there. I understand that.

And I’m going through the same thing with my health right now. And I’ve, as much as I’ve decided to go forward with working on rituel girl and getting business information out there to help people open whatever side hustles they want to do, whatever businesses they want to do. I also realized that the first thing I need to do is work on my health. And and anybody has ever been out there on a health journey trying to get more energy and lose weight and just feel better. And you Google stuff. It’s ridiculous. There’s so many I’ve, I spent the last three No, if I’m being honest, I’ve spent the last seven years reading everything I can get my hands on about weight loss and about dieting. And I know the ins and outs of everything. And I’ve tried so many of them. And it’s just it causes me to just get stuck. Because when I’m doing something like for example, keto. I was on a keto ketogenic diet for a long time before it was popular, FYI. And I did lose a lot of weight on ketogenic diet before I got pregnant with my second daughter. But the amount of saturated fats I was eating in the amount of trans fats as eating and the amount of like salami and like nitrate produced sausages, and I don’t know, I knew that that wasn’t good for you either, you know. And the quest chocolate bars. Anyway. I understand. I get it that, that there’s so much information out there. And I hope that one day, we can create some sort of a non Google Google that has, I don’t know. I don’t know, I understand that. There’s so much conflicting information out there. And what I decided to do with my health, because I was so confused, is see somebody who knows more about it than I do. see somebody who does it for a living. And so I am currently seeing a naturopath. And I’ve finally, finally, after two years of like hardcore dieting, I’m finally losing weight. And I’ll give you the secret, eat 80% vegetables, which is not the secret I was hoping for. But it’s working. And but it’s more complicated than that. And I think that society has a problem with oversimplifying weight loss, because for me, it has a lot to do with with liver dysfunction and endocrine issues. And I have extremely high estrogen levels. And I wasn’t, this was not the point of my podcast, but I was just, I just went to the naturopath today and I got my test results from my hormone levels. And my d h EA which is a precursor to testosterone is extraordinarily high, like off the charts. Like it should be 100 it’s 900. It should be 100 at the most. So I’m kind of in a funk today, or the last couple hours, just because, you know, Dr. Google tells me that I have cancer which using my actual brain and after a lot of googling is actually fairly possible and I have to go and do a whole bunch more blood tests and confirm or deny the stuff that I’ve already Done. But it just, if anything else, if nothing else, if nothing else, it puts it into perspective.

I hug your babies,

tell the people you love that you love them. Life is short.

Go out look at the moon.

And because you do have the gift that your life is most likely going to be long.

Use it.

Use it, man.

Write down the things that you want out of your life, what would make your heart sing. Don’t write down the things that you think you need to do. The status symbols, write down the things that would truly make you fulfilled. And if you don’t know, do some deep diving.

Sit with yourself.

Focus on one area of your life to start with, but it’s your career, your relationships or your spirituality or, or just the knowledge that you want to have. Focus on one of those things? And what would it look like? If it was ideal? Picture yourself in ecstasy. Maybe that’s the wrong word. Picture yourself in euphoria with where you are in your life. What does it look like?

For me,

I just spent quite a bit of time away from my kids quite a bit of time, I mean, four days.


it made me realize so much how important the people you love are. And so it kind of rearranged priorities. For me, I thought my priority was to build a massive career and to impact so many people. But really, at the end of the day, my biggest impact is loving my babies and letting them know that they’re loved, and making sure that they become amazing human beings. That is my number one.

And everything else is just icing on the cake.


there’s this, one thing I want to tell you guys about, it’s a secret.

I’ve never told anybody.

But it’s very cool. You should hear it in our backyard, so where we are house backs to a bay in an O and the water comes up against a volcanic rock wall. And especially during the new moon, it’s easier to see. But there is bioluminescent algae in the water. So when you walk through it, it lights up like fireworks. It’s amazing. But only at night. You can’t see it during the day because it’s too bright. You can’t see it during the full moon because it’s too bright. And there’s varying concentrations of algae, depending on like the time of month, and I’m not, I’m not sure honestly that anybody else knows about it even in this neighborhood. Because we’re at the very back of the at the of the base. So maybe

conjugates better here, I don’t know.

But it’s been like a number one bucket listing for me and I had no idea how I was going to do it how I was gonna go and find bioluminescent algae. But you literally, I can do it right now I’m sitting right in front of the water.

He throw rock into the water.

And it lights up green and splashes everywhere. And that’s like the little particles that that that permeate all of the rings. It’s amazing. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But in that helicopter, you might or might not be able to hear is a military helicopter, which I actually find very cool. So anyway, all this just to say that you can have whatever you want out of your life. Life is short, but life is long. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Love them hard. and dream big. dream big and figure out a way to get there.

My next big goal

is to buy a house on the water in a better area then we’re now on a beach not a bay. And it’s so expensive that I have no idea how we’re gonna I get there. But I write down the address of that house every day. Because when I walk into that house, and we’re kind of stocking the real estate agent, I’m gonna be totally honest with you. Every time I walk in, I think this is the place, this is the house. This is this is the next one. And so when you have your mind fixated on something, the universe rearranges itself to get there. I talked about I think it was, I don’t know what episode it was. Yeah, it was Episode Two.

How to get up from failure.

I talked about how to journal in a manifestation in a way how to manifest anything that you want. And the gist of it is just write it down as if it’s already happened. That’s it. And envision it in your brain, meditate on it a little bit. Think about it when you’re showering. Write it down on your mirror. That’s, that’s how you get things done. You have to be obsessed. And if the thing that you want is not something that you can obsess about, then you’ve got the wrong thing. You got the wrong thing because it doesn’t let your heart on fire.

Find something bigger.

And don’t tell yourself you can’t do it. You can do anything. There are people who’ve come from way worse situations than I have an accomplished way bigger things than I have. And I’m sure the same is for you.


There are people who have built companies, massive billion dollar companies at 60.

Anything is possible.

As long as you believe that you can do it and you take the right steps to get there and you’re consistent and obsessed. And you love what you do. You will get there. Thank you so much for being here. I am excited to to bring this podcast to life and to share it and to I hope I really hope to empower other people to do what I’ve done and to do bigger things, better things. So I’ll see you next time.

manifest that shit.

[End Podcast]

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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